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 We attended Fluorine Forum 2019
in Prague, Czech Republic
from 21st to 23rd of October 2019.

See you soon at Fluorine Forum 2020!

Symphos 2013

We attended Symphos 2019
(International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in Phosphate Industry)
in Ben Guerir, Morocco from 7th to 9th of October, 2019.

Meet you soon at next Symphos

AD Process Strategies Sarl is a provider of process technologies, a trader of industrial minerals, ores, chemicals and a promoter of industrial projects.


Process Technologies for fluorochemicals 

AD Process Startegies Sarl is a provider of process technologies for fluorine: Aluminium fluoride and AHF and few other process technologies such as fertilizer SOP, feed DCP, fluorspar beneficiation, etc.

Development of new process technologies

AD process Strategies Sarl has a long experience in the development of various process technologies for inorganics and others and is willing to support you for developping your own technologies.

Supply and Trading of fluorspar

Our trading activities focus on the supply of fluorspars of various grades, manganese ores and many other industrial minerals, metal ores, chemicals, etc. Through this activity we support the development of several new mines offering top quality products at competitive conditions.

Promotion of Industrial Projects

Promotion of projects plays an important role to us. We provide essential support by identifying the right partner wanted, facilitating the projects with advices, consulting, expertise and required pre-project studies, pre-feasibility studies, environmental impact studies, bankable feasibility studies, etc.



Fluorine & process technologies (HF, AlF3, UHP HF, etc)
AD Process Strategies Sarl offers process technologies for - HF from fluorspar or alternative raw materials as fluosilicic acid (-HF from FSA) and silicofluorides (-HF from SSF), -aluminium fluoride from HF, -aluminium fluoride from fluorspar, -aluminium fluoride from fluosilicic acid using the wet and dry process, -silicon tetrafluoride from FSA, SSF, -fumed silica from FSA, -anhydrite (anhydrous gypsum), -anhydrite III from gypsum, -flotation mill unit for acid grade fluorspar, -fluosilicic acid recovery, etc. AD Process Strategies Sarl is supported by several senior consultants and partners having over 20 years of experience in the field of fluorine technologies, hydrofluoric acid, aluminium fluoride and fluorocarbons, etc.





 Fig.1- Economics of production of HD AlF3 using fluorosilicic acid (FSA) or fluorspar (AGF) as raw material



LCA-Phosphoric acid

 Fig.2- Life cycle assessement (LCA) of manufacturing phosphoric acid with or without recovery of FSA / Hydrofluoric acid (HF)l


Trading and sourcing of minerals and ores (fluorspar, manganese, etc)
Based on our knowledge of the market, we can provide our clients with best alternatives and solutions including logistics and other services for sourcing fluorspar and other raw materials and products.
Project development, promotion, cooperation and partnering
Using our extended network in the various industrial sectors of our activities and understanding of the markets, we are best positioned to develop opportunities, promote, facilitate industrial projects.
AD Process Strategies Sarl is a Swiss Company (RC CH-660-2574007-8 - CHE-113.882.534) which was founded by Alain Dreveton and Peter Wiedemeier on 18th of October 2007.