Fluorspar Supply, Sourcing and Markets


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Fluorspar is an essential raw material for the manufacture of hydrofluoric acid, an intermediate in the production of refrigerant, fluoropolymers (PTFE), aluminium fluoride,... The main markets for fluorspar are aluminium indutry, steel indutry, chemicals and polymers, electronic industry and to a extent cement industry, glass industry, agraochemicals, pharmaceuricals... Sourcing of fluorspar is our top priority as we are specialized in fluorochemicals.

Fluorspar for the chemical and aluminium industries

- wet cake powder, acid grade fluorspar CaF2 97%, SiO2 1% max, CaCO3, Low P, Low S, Low As

Fluorspar for the steel industry

- lumps, small to average size, typically CaF2 75% to 90%, typically lumps but also powder...

Fluorspar for the welding industry

- dry powder, typically CaF2 95% to 98.5%

Fluorspar for the cement industry, manufacture of grey and white cement

- lumps, powder typically CaF2 50% to 97%


Summary of China Fluorite Industry Report, 2010 by Research In China

In 2009, the fluorite reserves in China reached 21 million tons, providing 9.3% of the world’s total, ranking the third place, while the fluorite output recorded three million tons in the same year, contributing 58.8% to the world’s total, topping the global list. According to year 2009 statistics, the ratio of fluorite reserves to output in China was no more than seven, indicating that the fluorite resource in China is likely to run out within seven years provided that the recoverable reserves of fluorite will fail to increase.

China is deficient in fluorite resource but with the growing demand for fluorite year after year. In 2009, the apparent consumption of fluorite in China reached 2.8 million tons, up 8.2% from a year earlier; and the figure in H1 2010 hit 1.93 million tons. Concerning the consumption of fluorite, China ranks first around the globe, but lags far behind the developed countries in term of downstream consumption structure. A case in point is fluorine chemical industry, the demand of which for fluorite is less than 30% in China as opposed to nearly 60% in developed countries.

Since the shortage of fluorite resource, the demand for fluorite in China grows incessantly. Given this situation, the Chinese Government unveiled intensive policies to protect the fluorite resource from being heavily wasted in 2010. It is imperative for China to integrate fluorite resource and upgrade downstream consumption structure. The move will benefit two kind of enterprises, one is fluorite mining enterprises represented by China Kings Resources Group Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Zhongying Industrial Co., Ltd and Inner Mongolia Xiang Zhen Mining Group Ltd., and the other is fluorite downstream deep-processing enterprises represented by Zhejiang Juhua, DO-Fluoride Chemicals Co., Ltd, Shanghai 3F New Materials Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Yongtai Technology.

Of the downstream deep-processing enterprises, the fluorine products of Zhejiang Juhua mainly include HF acid and CFC, with the annual revenue of fluorine chemical products being close to RMB 2 billion.

DO-Fluoride Chemicals Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the production and operation of cryolite, anhydrous aluminum fluoride and the like. It is regarded as the flagship in inorganic fluoride sector and strives to develop high value-added products like lithium hexafluorophosphate.

Shanghai 3F New Materials Co., Ltd plays an important role in organic fluorine chemical industry and it is the leading manufacturer of CFC substitutes in China. In addition, Zhejiang Yongtai Technology is involved in the production of fluorine fine chemicals featuring high added value in the top of the industry chain.