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Process technologies for aluminium fluoride and hydrofluoric acid are belonging to our top expertise. For this business, we are capable to support our clients with best available technology and flexible solutions comprising sourcing of raw material, either fluorspar mining and flotation mill or fluosilicic acid source.



During his past experience, Alain Dreveton consultant in Fluorine Technologies for over 20 years, has supported the most renowned players in this field being RioTinto Alcan, ICF, Boliden Norzink, Fluorsid, Tanfac, XianXiang, CNQB, Juhua, Fuxin, Baiyin, Solvay (Fluorex), Rhodia,... In his past experiences he was successively in charge of process,project, R&D, marketing and marketing for worldwide fluorine related businesses. He has written articles and promotes the development of technologies.......


Our expertise for aluminium fluoride and anhydrous hydrofluoric acid is exhaustive and is covering all commercial viable routes:

FSA process, first generation: production of aluminium fluoride by crystallization (Chemie-Linz Process)

FSA process, second generation: production of HF, aluminium fluoride by sulphuric acid decomposition (Lubon Process)

Hydrofluoric acid, aluminium fluoride, silicon tetrafluoride from fluosilicic acid (3rd generation) by the SSF Process is an exclusivity from AD Process Strategies Sarl.




Stand alone plant possible as SSF can be transported as wet cake.

Small amount of acid has to be recycled, can be concentrated and purified.

No use of critical equipment in this technology.


Phosphate Technologies & Fertilizers Print


Technologies offered

- FSA recovery and scrubbing of fluorine bearing gases with specialized scrubbers

FSA absorption column
Crossflow absorber with Kimre

- Purified Phosphoric Acid (PPA)

 PPA plants for small capacities with MEAB on a case by case basis

- Potassium Sulphate (SOP)

Production line 10'000 TPA with partner

- DCP / MCP from phosphoric acid or hydrochloric acid


- etc .......


Biomass & Renewable Energy Print


AD Process Strategies Sarl together with a reputed partner from India having built over 70 gasifiers supplies biomass gasification plants.

Plant size 2 MWe and 5 MWt.



Chemical Process Print


Proprietary or Partner's technology:

- Chloromethanes

- Polysilicon

- Silicones



Environmental Print


Gas scrubbing with specialized scrubbers

Wastewater neutralisation plants

Reverse osmosis