Project Promotion & Investment Opportunities


Project promotion at the present time:

Mines for sale

- Fluorspar deposits

Fluorspar mining and flotation mill in Morocco: 45'000 MTPA acid grade fluorspar. Project highly profitable.

Fluorspar reserves 1'250'000 MT @ CaF2 40%

More fluorspar mines are in the pipeline....

Typical flowsheet of Acid Grade Fluorspar Flotation Mill




- Manganese ore deposits

A series of 5 deposits. The largest is 9'000'000 MT @ Mn 30-35%

A single deposit larger than 1'000'000 MT

- Bauxite deposits

Deposit of 22'000'000 MT @ 52-58% Al2O3

Deposit of 11'000'000 MT @ 52-58% Al2O3

- Iron ore mines

Deposits 10 mio. tonnes, high grade Fe

- Copper ore mines

Deposits 3 Mio tonnes approx.