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Feasibility studies


Aluminium fluoride from FSA (wet process)

Aluminium fluoride / HF from fluorspar

Aluminium fluoride / HF from FSA (dry process)

Hydrofluoric acid from fluorspar

Hydrofluoric acid from fluosilicic acid

Fluorspar (AGF) flotation plant

Potassium sulphate from potash (SOP Mannheim process)

Di-calcium phosphate from HCl process (pre-feasibility)

MCP, DCP, MDCP from phosacid

Purified phosphoric acid

HF distillation and purification, arsenic removal, electronic grade HF

AHF safety storage containment tank

System for desorption of HF from strong sulphuric acid

Quicklime and slaked lime (Vertical or rotary kilns)



Cost estimating


All methods are used including capacity factor, relevant equipment cost curve, inhouse information with appropriate factors for materials FM and other complexity parameters, factors for cost CEPCI, M&S, etc, factors for bare module FMB, factors for location FL, etc.

Typical example


---for chemical plants, fertilizer plants, open-pit and underground mines, hydrometallurgical plants, thermal plants, wastewater and other environmental control units, etc


Import / Export Matrix ( Table source -destination)


Volumes and prices of fluorspar, aluminium fluoride, hydrofluoric acid, etc



Typical example for aluminium fluoride

IMPEX aluminium fluoride 2013




Production cost curve


Drawing, plotting production cost curves in excel (wireframe or coloured), with R / ggplot2 , python / matplotlib

Production cost curves for fluorspar, hydrofluoric acid, aluminium fluoride,...


Production cost curve is a strategic tool to compare with the competition and determine the price level according to the demand.

It is a very useful tool to be used before to decide any investment in a new capacity.  


See below template in Excel(TM) - Production cost curve (coloured) for 10 producers

Production costs curve



Statistical analysis and prices forecast


Time series analysis and regression

Statistical analysis and multiple linear regression



Transportation problem

Use of linear programming to optimize cost of logistics (Minimum cost flow network model) applied to regional market or global market.

Typical example with fluorspar to Europe (values are fictitious for the purpose of illustrating this subject).




Typical problems to be solved: minimization of logistics costs, minimization of purchased costs, maximization of profits, maximization of revenues,..



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