Basic Engineering Documents (typical)

Process / Utilities


Process Engineering

- Block Diagram
- Process Flow Diagram
- Material Balance (Process streams)
- Heat balance
- Design Information for Utilities
- List of By-Products, Effluent and Off-Gases
- Medium List
- Process Manual
- List of Laboratory Equipment
- List of Laboratory Reagents


PID Engineering

- P+I Diagrams
- Utility Flow Diagrams (Preliminary)
- List of Symbols
- Equipment List
- Line List (Process only)
- Valve List Process only)

Equipment Engineering

- Recommendations for Equipment
- Equipment Specifications
- Equipment Specifications Drawings

Layout Engineering

- Recommendations for Buildings and Structures
- Recommendations for Acid-Proofing (if required)
- Unit Plot Plan (Process Plant only)
- Equipment Arrangements (Preliminary)
- List of max. Equipment Loads for Building Design
- Information on Foundations (for Proprietary Equipment only)

Piping Engineering

- Recommendations for Piping Design and Installations
- Pipe Class Specifications (Process only)
- Valve Reference List (Process only)
- Valve Specifications (Process only)

Electrical Engineering

- Recommendations for Electrical Design and Installations
- List of Electrical Consumers (Preliminary)
- Electrical Logic Diagram

Instrument Engineering

- Recommendations of Instrument Design and Installations
- Instrument Schedule
- Interlocks

Project Engineering

- Time Schedule (Preliminary)
- List of Units
- List of Codes, Standards and Regulations
- Specification for Quality Assurance of Welding Operations
- Recommendations for Thermal Insulations
- Recommendations for Painting
- Mechanical and Functional Test Procedures