• design of rotary kilns internally or externally heated
  • design of fluidized bed reactors (FBR) multistage bubbling beds, fast circulating fluid bed, flash tranport reactors,..
  • design of drying plants
  • design of compact welded plate heat exchangers
  • chemical process simulation
  • thermodynamics
  • Electrolyte Pitzer model in Excel, Python for regression and simulation
  • thermodynamic properties data
  • chemical speciation and modelling
  • electrolyte activity coefficient models (models for HSC Sim)
  • electrolyte activity coefficient models (models COCO Simulator)
  • process development
  • multiphase catalytic hydrogenation
  • inorganic fluorine chemistry
  • chemical plant cost estimating

mineral flotation plant design
wastewater treatment and neutralization plant design


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